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Knowledge Base - How To:- Pair an Mk2 MR2 Alarm Fob (Factory)

Long time lurker here lads..I'm over on the Irish forum (mr2.ie), I have a 00mk2 rev5 which born in the UK! Just thought I'd register on here also as I've gotten a wealth of knowledge from here as well.

Anyway I'll give some back with this write up:

MODS: Feel free to edit or remove this as you feel fit - I will however say theres way easier ways of disabling a Toyota alarm then the steps below with less hassle and the fact that this does NOT remove the transponder key out of the equation means your car is still safe..besides you need the cars key to do this!! ...just my caveat!

Well guys I got the car with only one fob which is feckin pain...but as luck would have it theres plenty of these fobs going around for buttons on eBay, scrappies, etc. This guide is for a Mk2 MR2 Rev 5 (2000) but should be the same for all mk2s..I feel a picture says a thousand words so I hope this helps at least one of ye!

I myself picked up a brandnew fob in Toyota bubblewrap for £7 sterling delivered off eBay.

Now the tricky part making it work with your car!

1) Get a fob - doesn't matter if its been used before - Part No for my TVSS IIIB fob is 08191-00880


2) Take off trim around radio and heater (see fitting radio guides for this)

3) Remove screws on heater assembley and tie it up around radio area (you may need to unplug cables)


4) In the wiring guide it mentions the TVSS ECU is located behind the trim behind the drivers seat (under seatbelt) however while fitting a new radio I noticed the ECU behind the heater assembly so decided to kill 2 birds...



5) Pull with a bit of force to remove the ECU from its place (its stuck down)


6) Remove philips screw and rivet from protective plate..my cordless drill batteries are "censored" and as it was wet today I didn't fancy running a lead out to the car!




7) Pull the Protective Plate up


8) Pull back the foam cover


9) Put your ignition to ACC


10) Time to pair the fob - hold the green button on the ECU in for more then 2 seconds until the security light stays solid then release (times out after 5 seconds)


11) Within 5 seconds (while security lights solid) hold down the 2 buttons on the fob until the indicator lights flash


Test your fob locks / unlocks car. Your done..:D

NOTE: You can only pair 4 fobs to the one car! The Last 4 paired fobs will be the only active ones.

12) Reverse actions as before, re-rivet the TVSS ECU if need be.

Click HERE to download  part of the TVSS IIB manual here ...helped me alot with this!


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