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Many thanks to Jimi Lawson for the following article.

Modified Installation of Paul Woods Manual Choke Conversion

A few months ago I bought and installed Paul's excellent manual choke conversion, this has paid for itself in fuel savings already.

While carrying out the installation (which was extremely straight forward) I decided to make a few modifications. These consisted of the addition of a time delay relay, moving the solenoid into the boot and a few wiring mods.

The relay is set up to automatically switch off the solenoid after 3 minutes (this can be altered to almost any value) just in case I forgot to switch it off. The 3 minutes was a trial, which has turned out to be spot on for me. The relay was an old Audi headlamp washer relay that I had lying about in the garage (you know "it" might come in handy one day) modified to increase the time delay.

I'm not going to go into the details of how to modify the relay here, but if anyone wants to know you can contact me via the forum PM

I decided to install the relay and the solenoid in the boot behind the trim panel as I thought it looked tidier and kept them out of the engine compartment (and away from any water)

I used 8mm red silicon tubing to pipe up the solenoid (just to match the existing tubing) and routed it through the grommets in the bulkhead

The wiring was modified to suit the relay (see the dwg below).

I found that I was able to install the switch by taking out the stereo and working through the hole (thought this was easier than taking off the dash surround).

I was able pick up a +12v ignition controlled supply from the stereo.

Jimi Lawson

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