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Solution To Fuel Smell In The Cabin

The main reason for petrol fumes to make their way into the cabin is due to a failed (or failing) Fuel Breather Valve.

The fumes become more noticeable when there is increased airflow through the cabin (i.e open window, roof or air vents) for some reason.

The engine has a way of venting the fumes safely through the chassis rail on the fire wall of the engine bay via the fuel breather valve.

Toyota used to solve this problem by simply removing the hose from the chassis rail allowing the fumes to vent to the engine bay. Not a good idea as there are electrics that could cause external sparks and bang goes your car with you in it! There is also the risk of cigarette butts being thrown out windows by a car in front that could cause sparks!

Only safe solution is to replace the Fuel Breather Valve with a new item purchased directly from Toyota. Part Number 90917-10020 at a cost of around £26.00 (Thanks to Paul Woods for part numbers, pricing and additional information on this topic)

The Breather Valve is located just beneath the fuel filter on the fire wall. It's white (or cream) plastic with a hose on one end coming from the fuel system and another hose on the exit side going into the chassis rail.

To remove the valve

* Remove the valve retaining bracket.
* Remove the hose clips and rotate (in an unscrewing manner) the valve off the hose.
* Renew the valve and ensure the clips are secure sealing the hoses.
* Fit the valve back into the bracket and tighten.
* Make sure the exit hose is returned to the chassis rail.
* Time to replace 5 - 10 minutes

It may be easier to jack the car up, place on axle stands and work from underneath, unless you are tall enough to reach over the side.

The photo below gives clear indication of location and a visual of what needs doing


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