Knowledge Base - How To:- Bleed the Clutch

Before you start this job it's wise to get your self a bleeding pipe with a non return valve, you can buy them in Halfords for £4.99, trust me it's a very handy piece of kit and will prevent air getting back into the system on bleeding.

Tools Needed

10 mm Ring Spanner
Brake & Clutch Fluid
2 Meter long clear piping (with same internal diameter as bleeding pipe)
Bleeding pipe (with non return valve)


1. Top up Clutch Reservoir (so it’s brimming)

2. locate Clutch Master Cylinder (on gear box)

3. Undo the bleed nipple

4. Attach a long piece of clear piping to the bleed nipple

5. Suck on the piping, keep doing this until you see fluid enter the clear piping (be careful not to suck the fluid in your mouth, hence the need for a long pipe), take a couple of breathers to make sure the clutch reservoir is constantly topped up (it’s wise to suck as much fluid though as poss before proceeding to the next step )

6. Now because you have force fed the fluid into the slave you can now do the nipple up and attach the bleed pipe to the nipple, now undo the nipple again and pump the clutch pedal to clear any air bubbles that may be in the system, again making sure your reservoir is topped up.

7. Now once your happy there are no air bubbles in the system, tighten the bleed nipple.

If you are just replacing the fluid, then it is not necessary to suck the fluid through. Just fit the bleed pipe and pump the pedal until the new fluid comes through (Ensure your reservoir is kept full)
If you don't have a bleed pipe with a non return valve, you can use a piece of clear piping. But you must tighten the nipple at the bottom of each stroke.
i.e. slacken nipple, slowly press pedal down, at the bottom of the pedal travel, tighten nipple before releasing the pedal. Repeat as necessary until there are no more bubbles and you have new clean fluid coming through.

8. Job done!


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