Knowledge Base - How To:- Check and top up engine coolant

The coolant system has 2 locations that require checking. For advice on coolant selection click here

Before proceeding, it is essential that the engine has had time to cool down. Failure to do so may result in injury.

Carefully remove the metal coolant pressure cap by rotating the cap through 180 degrees.

Look down the filler neck hole. Typically coolant should be visible.

If fluid cannot be seen, slowly top up with coolant until it can be seen (about 15mm from the top). It should not require much more than a small glass full of fluid.

Replace the coolant cap fully, ensuring it is rotated through 180 degrees.

A short distance away you will see a black plastic cap with the words 'engine coolant'. Below this is a well hidden bottle (known as an expansion tank).

This bottle has 2 markers on it. The coolant level must be between 'Min' and 'Max'. Try shining a powerful torch onto the side of the bottle and gently rock the car side to side. With luck you will be able to observe the fluid level. If that fails, remove the cap on top of the bottle and withdraw the tube attached to it. If a wet line is seen at about 1/3rd - 1/2 of the way up, you should be fine. If required, carefully top up, taking care not to spill coolant on the nearby paintwork

Finally double check to ensure both caps are secure.

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