Knowledge Base - How To:- Fit a Delimiter

There are two places you can put the delimiter:

1- Behind the speedo - the rev 2+ speedo has four connections on it.

Top left = pulses in (12V pulses from gearbox sender)

Top right = pulses out (5V pulses, these go to all the various ECU's for engine management, speed sensitive power steering, auto gearbox, cruise control.

Bottom left = 12V ignition

Bottom right = ground

You can check these out with a voltmeter, the 12V and ground are easy, the pulses, well you'll have to jack up a rear wheel, rotate it and look for the input signal to go to 12v four times per rev of the gearbox sensor on the pulses in and they are 5V on the pulses out. You can then trace the circuit to find the correct plug and wires to tap into. You need to break into the wire that sends the pulses to the speedo. The end that comes from the sensor goes to the signal input and the signal out put goes to the pulses in on the speedo.

Connecting in behind the dash will correct your speedo and make it clock up in miles, unfortunately, unless you add some more circuitry it WILL make your power steering stay on until 80mph and it WILL screw up your auto gearbox changes (Often won't change up b4 you hit the rev limiter) and your cruise control (if fitted).

2- By the ECU in the boot. This will remove the limit but you will need to fit a UK 160mph speedo. This will not then affect any other systems. You need to interrupt the speed signal on pin 9 of the 22 pin connector on the ecu. It's the same pin on the rev 1/2 ecu as on the rev 3 on. Find a 12v switched (IGN) line for the supply to your delimiter and connect the ground wire to the chassis via the ECU bracket - always use a proper connector, if you wrap the wire around the screw you stand a good chance of destroying your ECU.

Stef Derner.

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