Knowledge Base - How To:- Fit a New Lambda Sensor.

This is how to change the Lambda sensor on a  Rev 1 turbo using a universal lambda sensor but the guide will be similar for other mk2 mr2s.

I used a universal lambda from these guys - JustLambda

As its a universal lambda it needs the connector from the old sensor to be cut off and spliced onto the new sensor but this is quite an easy job to do.

  • Parts needed: 12mm socket, wire cutter, wire crimper, a lighter.
  • Time taken: 10 mins.
  • Difficulty: easy (if the nuts come off ok!)

Here is the old sensor location on the tubby

Picture 1

Firstly undo the two nuts holding the sensor on

Picture 2

I was lucky here as the nuts came off easily. Sometimes they can seize on and can be a pain to remove. Then unclip the sensor from its connector and remove it. Now for the new sensor

Picture 3

Cut off the connector from the old sensor

Picture 4

Slip the heat shrink tubing over the wire of the connector, strip back some wire sheathing and crimp the supplied wire terminal to the end of the connector wire

Picture 5

Now crimp the wire of the new sensor to the wire terminal

Picture 6

Then move the heat shrink tubing over the freshly crimped terminal and, using a lighter, shrink wrap the terminal

Picture 7

Next, fit the new gasket in place

Picture 8

And then fit the new sensor

Picture 9

Then tighten up the nuts and plug its connector back in. It may also be worth resetting the ecu at this point.

Then start her up and feel the difference !!

Lambda sensor change..........done.


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