Knowledge Base - How To:- Fit Wheel Spacers.

My first attempt at a how to!
Right today I finaly fitted my 10mm rear spacers with longer studs done in 2 hours, first side took a lot longer! once I knew what to do the other side took no time at all! 

Tools needed:

Trolley or bottle jack
Axle stands
17 socket
12 socket
Long metal bar or spare breaker bar
M12 washers
large socket
Appropriate socket for your nuts (if not already listed)

Do this on level ground, loosen the wheel nuts then release the handbrake.

Jack up on the middle of the cross member

Support with axle stands and slowly release the pressure on the jack and let them take the weight.

Take out the loosened wheel nuts and take off the wheel.

Spray 1 and 2 and the bolt above 2 with W40 just to make things easier. Undo and remove 1(12mm) and pivot the caliper and remove the brake pads. Then remove 2 and the same one that is at the other end of the caliper (17mm).

Using a tie wrap suspend the caliper from the spring to keep it out of the way and to prevent any stress on the brake pipe.

The litle recess you can see is where the stud comes out of, at this point you want to knock off the brake disc block of wood between the hammer and disc works if you dont have a rubber mallet.

You knock the old stud out with a hammer and slide the new one into place through the recess, put on some washers and I used an over sized socket to pack it out further and using an old MR2 wheel nut the type with a washer used it to pull the new studs on and into place.

Forgot to show it in place but I used the bar slid between two studs and resting on the floor to prevent the hub from turning as you tighten the stud to pull it on.

Refit in reverse sliding the spacer on at the end. Put a bit of thread lock on the bolts prior to putting back to together.
Refit your wheels remove the axle stands and jack stand back and admire!!!!


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