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It's not a hard job as long as the exhaust behaves itself, you could probably do with a hand to drop the exhaust but everything else is a one man job, but very messy.
It took about 2hrs first time, 1.5hrs second time, you'll see what I mean in a minute.
Assuming you've already drained the oil :-

1. Drop the under body plastic tray, I think there 10mm spire bolts.

2. Drop the exhaust out, this is the hardest bit.

3. If you’ve got one remove the oil level sensor/switch, it’s on the drivers side, in the side of the sump, pull out the plug and remove the 3x 10mm bolts. Pull out the switch, be careful it goose necks downwards inside the tank and costs about £120 to replace.

4. Remove the nuts and bolts round sump, there are 2X 10mm nuts on studs one front and one back, on the drivers side, for locating when refitting and the rest are 10mm bolts about 20 in all, all around the edge.

5. Pull the sump down, it may need a bit of levering a small flat blade screwdriver should do it, to release it from the silicone, Toyota don't use gaskets they use high temp silicone around the sump instead. As it drops you will need to move it towards the passenger side, I think, to avoid the oil pick up pipe.

Replacement :- is just reversal of above, make sure everything is clean and dry, I recommend you also use the high temp silicone instead of gaskets to put it back together. I tried to use a cork gasket but it split and I had to do it all again the next day,
Second time I just used the silicone and it's as dry as a bone, you don't have to get it from Toyota just you local motor factors but make sure it states it is high temp.
Hope this helps


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