Knowledge Base - Info:- Do I Need a Catalytic Converter?

Vehicle manufacturers were obliged to install catalytic converters from Aug 1992 on all motor cars sold as new in the UK. Whilst good for the environment, a normally aspirated MK2 suffered a loss of 4bhp compared to a cat free model. Removing the ?cat? is therefore a popular modification when replacing the stock exhaust with a performance back box.

During the MOT test, a vehicles exhaust emissions are tested. Although inspection of the cat is not part of the actual MOT test, it is near impossible to meet the required emission levels without the cat fitted.

The mot tester is required to check the DOT emissions database before carrying out the emissions test. The tester will then know what level of emissions is considered as a fail.

If your MR2 is a normally aspirated (3S-GE or 3S-FE) model and was first used after 1 Aug 1992, you are highly unlikely to pass the emission test without your cat fitted. The imported G-LTD models are required to take the same test procedure as a UK GT model.

If you have a turbo (3S-GTE) model no newer than 31 July 1995 you are not required to have a low emissions test, as the 3S-GTE MR2 is not listed in the DOT database.

Turbo models first used after 1 Aug 1995 will be required to pass the default low emissions test, so are very unlikely to pass the emissions test without a cat fitted.

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