Knowledge Base - Info:- Leaking Heater Pipes Under Car (cheap fix)

Commonly refered to as 'The pipes from hell'

Basically the pipes are great, problem is the brackets on them. With every expansion and contraction cycle the bracket slowly becomes weaker. In the end it snaps and leaves a hole in the pipe. Will affect almost every MK2 at some point. Toyota fix is brackets with bushes on them to absorb the movement, problem is the tens of thousands of MK2's that left the factory without modified parts .

Solutions are new pipes fitted by the dealer. Hugely expensive repair Fuel tank needs to be removed. Guess £600+

There is a cheap fix. Cut pipes at either end and leave in situ, attach lengths of correctly sized heater hose and clamp with jubilee clips. £20 tops + your time and scuffed knuckles under the car.

Peter Jones.

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