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To try and clear up any confusion over the MOT emission testing of  Imported MR2's here is some relevant information that can be used to point the MOT tester in the right direction. 
Many thanks to  whitworthmike, cunni and various others for the info

Tell them to refer to mot testing guide, section 7.3 page 9.



They are required to have the book on site. They must cross reference the model and engine code in the exhaust emmisions standards book.



They will not be able to find a match between model code sw20 and engine code 3s-gte so they must test to non catalyst standards.




Flow Charts





Listed below are the current MOT emissions flow charts -
7.3 Exhaust Emissions - Spark Ignition - non CAT Test 
7.3 Exhaust Emissions - Spark Ignition - Passenger Cars 1 August 1992 to 31 August 2002
There is a copy of the latest emissions listings (18th Edition) here CLICKY

Latest MOT manual (April 2013) here CLICKY

This is a copy of a response from VOSA regarding a similar enquiry regarding import emissions testing

"VOSA replied as follows:
Thank you for your email enquiry dated 5th April 2010, concerning
There is no exemption from any part of the MOT test purely due to it being
an import. The vehicle will still need to meet the criteria set out in
'The MOT Inspection Manual for Car and Light Commercial Vehicles'.
However, some imported vehicles aren't listed in the 'In Service Exhaust
Emission Standards for Road Vehicles' book as we aren't supplied limits
from the manufacturers.
When the tester carries out the emissions part of the MOT test they should
follow the flow chart in section 7.3 of 'The MOT Inspection Manual for Car
and Light Commercial Vehicles'. As your vehicle was first used between 1st
August 1992 and 31st July 1995 and there isn't an exact match for the
vehicle then it would be required to go through a non CAT test and meet the
following limits:

CO <= 3.5%
HC <= 1200ppm

I can confirm that the Mazda Eunos Roadster isn't listed in the emissions
I hope this information has assisted you with your enquiry, but if you have
any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind Regards,
VOSA Contact Centre
Operations Directorate
Tel: 0300 123 9000


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