Knowledge Base - Info:- What Does Twin Entry Turbo Mean ?

Are the words " Twin Entry Turbo" marked on your engine?  What is twin entry?
Here's a description of this system:
Multi-cylinder engines have ranges in which there is some overlap in the exhaust valve opening timing of one cylinder and its sequent cylinder. This can cause interference to the exhaust gas flow where the exhaust gases from the two cylinders join and results in exhaust energy loss in the turbocharged engine. Also cylinders which have just finished the exhaust process are affected by the high back pressure of the exhaust initial process, so that high pressure gas remains behind more easily. This hinders smooth intake flow to the engine.
This exhaust gas interference is eliminated in the 3S-GTE engine by providing two exhaust ports, for cylinders No. 1 and No. 4, and for cylinders No. 2 and No. 3, together with two scrolls inside the turbine housing. This new design increases the engine's low-speed performance and acceleration response. (Taken from Turbo magazine, May 1990)

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