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All modern engines are controlled by an electronic control unit or ECU. The design engineers invest huge amounts of time setting engine operating parameters. On the whole engineers look for a balance between fuel economy, reliability, varying fuel quality and performance. Most engines power can be improved is these factory settings (referred to as the base map) contained within the ECU's memory are changed. Whilst a Normally Aspirated engines power gain may be considered modest, a Turbo charged engine can see large increases in power and torque.

There a 2 main types of ECU chip on the UK market. Whilst there is a large array of replacement ECU's on the Japanese market place, these are extremely expensive and can lead to problems locating an agent with the ability to Map them correctly.

A chip works by altering the signals being sent to the ECU by the various sensors on the engine. The ECU is then tricked into deviating from the base map without actually knowing its doing it! The really important bit is the skill of the person who decides exactly what the ECU is going to believe is really happening.

A Superchip normally retails at around £200 + fitting, Whilst a low cost option, a downside is it's fixed map. The settings are based on an unmodified engine. If an ongoing evolution of modifications is planned, it's unlikely the Superchip programme will be best suited to the engine.

A better long term investment would be a Dastek Unichip. This will be mapped on a rolling road by the installer to best suit your engines current status. It can be remapped as required and has the ability to control a 5th injector (ideal for nitrous oxide) and water injection. £500+ seems a typical price inclusive of mapping.

Power gains from 8 BHP to 50 BHP can be achieved.

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