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Having searched through MR2OC and IMOC, I found relatively little information on which spark plugs to use in my 3S-GE engine.

Having been linked to , I managed to find what I was looking for.

NGK Standard - BKR6E/BKR6ES

Thread size is 14mm and the hex (or socket needed to remove/replace) is 16mm. This is represented by BK.

R represents the use of resistors in the construction of the spark plug.

6 is the heat-range of the plug. NGK Plugs range from 2 (being the hottest) to 12 (the coldest).

E represents the thread reach (in this case, 19mm)

The BKR6ES obviously has the addition of an S at the end. This tells you that it has a 'Standard Super Copper Core Center Electrode'

NGK Enhanced - BKR6EVX

As above, but the inclusion of VX signifies the use of a fine wire Platinum center electrode measuring 0.8mm in diameter.

The main benefits of using a platinum tip is that it is hard-wearing, and so the tip can be made much finer. A finer tip means that the voltage required to jump the gap between the electrode and the ground is reduced and therefore places less strain on the ignition systems, and a stronger spark.

NGK Performance - BKR6EIX

The BKR6EIX is part of NGK's IX series of Iridium tipped spark plugs. These use a 0.6mm diameter Iridium tipped center electrode, and further enhances the main benefits of using the Platinum tipped spark plugs.

Iridium is around 8 times stronger than Platinum, and so the use of a 0.6mm diameter center electrode is possible, meaning (again) stronger spark and less strain on the ignition systems. The Iridium tipped spark plugs can be expected to last up to 60,000 miles depending on engine conditions, but do pass their optimum service life before this time.

Denso Standard - K20PR-U

Denso use the letter K to signify the same thing that NGK uses BK to signify. Again, this means a 14mm thread diameter and the use of a 16mm hex is needed for removal/re-fitting.

20 is the heat range of the plug, and is equal to 6 on NGK's scale. Denso's heat range starts at 9 (hottest plugs) to 37 (being the coldest plugs)

P signifies the use of a projected insulator nose.

R, like NGK's specifications, signifies the use of resistors in the construction of the spark plug.

-U means that Denso have included a U-grooved ground electrode. The U-grooved ground electrode is claimed to aid in the production of a 'flame core' which further improves combustion efficiency.

Denso Enhanced - N/A

Denso Performance - IK20

I signifies the use of an Iridium tipped center electrode. Denso use a 0.4mm diameter Iridium tip (0.2mm less than NGK's IX series) and so further enhance the sparks ability to 'jump the gap'. The service life of Denso's Iridium tipped spark plugs however is affected by the use of such fine electrode tips, so you can expect to replace them at earlier intervals than NGK's equivalent spark plug.

20, again is the heat-range of the spark plug.

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