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The fitting process varies slightly depending on which clear indicators you buy. A minor modification is required as the orange European indicator bulbs (part number 582) have offset pins to hold them into the bulb holder. This means you have to file off one of the bayonet pins to allow them to replace the old clear bulbs. When The Genuine Toyota lamps that were designed for the Revision 5 model are used, they directly replace the old orange units. If you wish to order these from your local dealer, you will need to ask for the following parts?

Lense LH = 81520-17090
Lense RH = 81510-17090
Reflector LH = 81620-17020
Reflector RH = 81610-17020

The crystal clear lamps now available, were not designed for European MR2's so don't have a separate sidelight bulb holder. You will need to drill a new hole for the sidelight bulb holder and file the three notches to accommodate the bayonet fitting for the sidelight bulb holder.

Crystal clear lamps

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