Knowledge Base - How To:- Fit Revision 3 Rear Lights

If you fancy upgrading the rear end of your MR2 to the more modern looking revision 3 spec lights, but cannot find a set from your local breakers, take the following list of part numbers to your local Toyota dealer.

All part numbers relate to UK spec models.

LAMP RH = 81550-17120
LAMP LH = 81560-17160
MARKER RH = 81750-17050
MARKER LH = 81760-17050

CENTER PANEL = 75082-17050-?? (??=PAINT CODE)
REVERSE LAMPS = 81670-17010
FIXERS (X4) = 90179-05095
LOGO MR2 = 75471-17110-?? (??=B0 LIGHT GREY / B1 DARK GREY)
LOCK ASSAY = 69055-17101

The method of installation is relatively simple (see bulb changing instructions). You will need to make a couple of modifications to the car. Firstly you will need to depress 2 areas of the rear panel that interfere with the location of the new reverse lamps, this is easily achieved using a small hammer. Secondly you will need to extend the length of the reverse lamps wiring, so that they can reach their new location. It is recommended that you upgrade the rear lock barrel as the shorter Revision 1 & 2 barrel won't allow you to open the boot via the key.


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