Knowledge Base - How To:- Fix T-bar leaks (Silicone and Clingfilm method)

Take off the panels and apply the silicone sealant to the underside of the panel (the rubber part near the edge at the front and back of where the panels meet the top of the door glass, as red bit in photo).

Spread clingfilm over the rubber seals on the car (to avoid the silicone sticking to the seals and preventing you from removing the t-panels) then lock the panel down. The sealant spreads into all the little gaps in the seal between panel and car.

It'll be dry in a few hours, best leave it overnight if possible. Then remove the panels and the cling film will just peel off.

Worked perfect for me and you only ever see the silicone when the panels are off and upside down. Both my seats were getting saturated when it rained, now not a drip comes through! (It's now 22 months later and they're still perfect)

PS, use lots of cling film, so that if you put on too much silicone it spreads onto the cling film and not your paintwork.

The sealant is just black silicone sealant. You can get it from your local hardware store. Be aware there is something that looks the same which is designed not to dry. So check there is a cure time stated on the tube.


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