Knowledge Base - How To:- Headlamp Flash Without Lamps Staying Up

It is possible to override the first position of the headlamp control switch. This means you can drive with your side lamps or fog lamps on and flash your headlamps without them staying in the locked up position.

Firstly locate the headlamp control box. This is the blue box located next to front compartment fuse box.

Unplug the wiring connector. If you look carefully at the plug you will see the terminal numbers. Locate terminal 6 (red wire). Cutting this wire will stop the lights staying up.

Be careful to insulate both ends of the wire. It is recommended that a small switch be installed between the wires, so that you can reactivate the lock to allow you to easily clean your headlamps and carry out bulb replacements.


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Created : 2011-10-06 10:00:15, Last Modified : 2011-10-06 10:00:15