Knowledge Base - How To:- Replace a Rear Light Bulb

Bulb replacement necessitates removal of the rear lamp units as access via the boot area is not possible.

Firstly remove the amber corner unit. Look carefully for the gap between the corner and the main lamp unit. Using a flat bladed screwdriver wrapped with tape to prevent damage, carefully prize the corner unit until the spring catch pops free. Underneath you will find 2 cross headed screws that need to be removed.

The lamp unit is now held by several strong friction clips. To allow a firm grip that is even on both sides of the lamp unit, remove the centre panel by undoing the 4 nuts located inside the boot area (you will need to pull the boot lining forward to access these bolts) and removing the 2 black screws at either end of the centre panel. You can now exert sufficient force to safely disengage the friction clips.

To change the reverse lamp bulbs on Revision 3 onwards models, you need only unbolt the centre panel.


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