Knowledge Base - How To:- Remove the Dash Panels

To remove dash plastics:

  1. Pull gear leaver surround upwards from the back (furthest away from the stereo end) then pull the surround away it slots out at the front. Remove gear knob (unscrews) and slide off.
  2. Remove ashtray and unscrew the two phillips head screws underneath, this will release the bottom of the main dash plastic/stereo climate control surround.
  3. Look under neath the dash plastic that surrounds the instrument cluster (the large leather-look panel that houses your fog light switches and cubby box (to the right of the drivers leg)) there are two phillips screws that screw that panel up and retain the plastic surround. Remove these two phillips screws, they are slightly recessed and there is one at each end of the leather look panel, one under the cigarette lighter and the other underneath the right hand vent. When removed lightly pull the top of the leather panel so it just sits out of where its meant to.
  4. Go back to the main plastic panel and gently pull at the bottom where you removed the first two screws, the panels just clip in now you have removed all screws.
  5. The panel will pull away now and you will need to reach behind the panel to unplug the hazzard light switch. The main dash plastic will now come off. You can remove the hazard light switch from the plastic by removing the two small phillips screws.
  6. With that panel removed you can begin removing the instrument cluster surround, prise this away gently and unplug the cigarette lighter. Now adjust your steering column fully down and gently pull the surround, it will un-clip and pull away. The vent on the right does un-clip but will come out without un-clipping it.


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