Knowledge Base - How To:- Run a Cable or Vacuum Pipe into the Engine Bay

To gain easy access to the engine bay without drilling into the firewall, you have 2 locations to choose from. The less popular option is to use the gear linkage cable route (underneath the transmission tunnel trim). This is unpopular because the cable or hose, will enter the engine bay immediately adjacent to the exhaust manifold / turbo. The preferred route is using a spare blanking plug located directly behind the drivers side seat. This how 2 is based on the latter option.

  1. Pop open the lid on the drivers side subwoofer enclosure. The lid pulls up, but will require a reasonable amount of force to make the 2 trim clips release. Once open, remove the 3 screws holding the lid on the firewall.
  2. Remove the trim that surrounds the engine bay release handle. A single screw holds this in place. Pull the handle to allow the trim to slip free.
  3. Remove the sidewall trim (that incorporates the rear speaker grill). This is held by several trim clips. Pull firmly to release 1 corner first and then work your way around the trim until it is freed.
  4. You can now lift the carpet trim on the firewall to expose the wiring loom passing into the engine bay. There may be a soft foam in fill that sits in the double skin around the cable bundle. Pull this free and you will see a spare blanking plug. Using thin screwdriver, you can punch a small hole through the centre of this plug and subsequently through the sound deadening fabric in the engine bay.
  5. Passing your cable through the fire wall, from the cockpit side, will reveal it in the engine bay adjacent the engine bay cooling fan/intercooler.
  6. A cable or vacuum hose can be fed via the side step sill or via the transmission tunnel to keep the cockpit free of unsightly cables.
  7. Refit all removed trims


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