Knowledge Base - Info:- Buyers Check List

• Check all panel gaps.
• Stand at front and back corners and scan down each side of the car – especially ¼ panels.
• Check panels for evidence of respray and different colours underneath.
• Check under car for signs of crash damage.
• Check radiator at front for signs of leakage and damage.
• Check wheel arch lining is present and secure.
• Check lining under car is present and secure.
• Check condition of discs.
• Check frunk for lining, tool kit, spare wheel.
• Check rust on underside of the doors and wheel arch lips.
• Check for rust/bubbling around t-bar area when panels are off (look under the rubber seals).
• Check t-bar roof – condition of rubber seals. Tight fitting windows and t-bars?
• Check tyres for even wear on each tyre and across all four tyres.
• Check VIN plate in frunk. Should start with SW20 for a turbo and JT163SW20 for an n/a.

• Check every switch (does aerial work?)
• Air con engages and is cold?
• Heaters hot?
• Relevant warning lights all light up with ingition on?
• Fog lights work (and steer)?
• Fog lights on dash come on?
• Folding mirrors both fold and adjust?
• All dash illuminating lights work?
• Hand brake holds?
• Check seats adjust including all lumbar levers.
• Check cable releases for frunk, bonnet, boot and fuel cap.
• Check date label is on seatbelts and also check the date.
• Any evidence of damp carpets in cabin and in boot.

Engine bay:
• Check radiator cap. Should be able to see coolant. Any oil visible?
• Check for ECU error codes.
• Start engine – do all dash lights go out except handbrake?
• Temp should reach ½ way.
• Fans should come on. When they do, check radiator for leaks.
• Check halfway underneath the car for any leaks when engine is on.
• Smooth idle below 1000rpm when warm?
• Signs of leaks around engine bay or underneath?
• Check oil level and condition.
• Check under oil cap for mayo.
• Is downpipe cracked or blowing?
• Condition of air filter.

When driving:
• Any rattles or knocking at idle?
• Clonks over bumps from suspension or other source?
• Bearings grind while turning?
• LSD grinding while turning?
• Brake hard – check ABS works.
• Brakes squeal?
• Check brakes don’t vibrate when applied lightly.
• Full boost to the redline?
• Check boost in all gears including 4th from 20-70mph+.
• Temp stays at ½ way even after full accleration?
• Steering wheel wobble?
• After driving, check discs. Is one hotter than the rest?

Other areas:
• Check service history.
• Does the history relate to the current engine?
• Any written proof of mileage to the car i.e. certificate / check MOTs?
• Proof of clutch change.
• Proof of cambelt change.
• Proof of when brakes were changed.
• If a turbo, what boost is the car running at. If over 1.0bar (15psi), do the mods support it?
• Evidence of regular servicing – check dates.
• Any names or addresses so you can phone previous owners?


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