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Japanese imported models can have a hard to trace history, but they do tend to have a higher specification level compared to UK supplied models.

Typical things that UK models tend not to benefit from

Lower Mileages. (Japanese car speedometer and odometers read in KPH BTW)

Air conditioning or climate control

High level brake lamp

Electrical folding mirrors

Steerable fog lamps

Traction control

4 wheel anti lock brakes

Cruise control

Turbo charged engines (GT and GT-S)


The overall quality of imported models can vary dramatically. Have a look at the following as they may give an insight to the cars Japanese history.

Screw holes in the dash or A pillars, may be due to removed tuning electronics.

Holes or flaps in the carpets. Has this car previously had a roll cage or harnesses fitted?

Are date tags still fitted to the seat belts. If no, is someone hiding the cars age? 

There is no reason why an imported model should be any less reliable than a UK supplied car, as long as you choose carefully. If a model is at a bargain price, beware and look very closely before agreeing to buy.

Always buy with your head and not your heart!

How to spot an import from the outside

The easiest way to spot an import, is to look for a few tell tale differences. Bear in mind a determined owner can modify the car to look like a UK model.

Square number plates fitted.

Orange marker lamps fitted into the front bumper trims.


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