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UK supplied models

Coupe Base model in the UK. Fitted with the 3S-FE 119bhp engine. These can be identified as they do not have the factory fitted spoiler or fog lamps. Fitted with a removable moonroof, that can be stowed under the front bonnet.


GT coupe Mid level model in the UK. GT specification gives the 3S-GE engine with power between 154 - 173 bhp depending on year. More information on revisons here. Moonroof and cloth interior as per Coupe, are the only differences compared to the UK GT T-bar

GT T-bar Top of the line UK model. As per GT Coupe plus removable T-bar roof panels and Leather seats / door cards.

GT 10th anniversary Limited production of 250 models. Same specification as the UK GT T-bar. Has cosmetic enhancements. More information

Imported Japanese models (JDM)

For more information on differences between UK and JDM models see "Related Articles" at the bottom of the page.

G-Limited Import Same as UK GT models. Available in 2 body styles, T-bar or Hardtop.

GT-S Import Turbocharged 3S-GTE engine with 225 - 245 bhp depending on year. GT-S is treated as the sports model, as it lacks some of the luxuries found in the JDM GT. Cloth interior as standard. Supplied with T-bar or Hardtop roof.

GT Import Same as GT-S, but with increased specification as standard. i.e Half leather interior and electrical folding door mirrors.


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