How To:- Quad Stop / Tail Light Modification

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Quad Stop / Tail Light Modification

Option 1

What you need

  • 2 x S top / Tail lamp holders ( from a MK1 rear cluster as they are a straight fit, leave plenty length on the wires when you remove them )
  • 4 x 3amp diodes ( Maplin stock # QL81C about 12 pence each )


Remove the Fog light lamp holder, cutting the red wire close to the lamp holder and leave plenty to work with.
Fit the Stop / Tail lamp holder in its place and wire it up as per this drawing    


Insulate all the connections with Heat shrink tubing or insulating tape.



Fit the lamp holders back on the car, don't forget to change the Fog light bulbs for Stop / Tail bulbs

This what they look like with Tail lights only


and with Fog and Tail lights


Finally Brake lights or Fog and Brake


Option 2

Quad brake lights only, using the existing fog light

What you need

  • 4 x 3amp diodes ( Maplin stock # QL81C about 12 pence each )

Wire up using this diagram to make the fog light double up as a brake light.


As far as I know these mods are perfectly legal and my car has passed several  MOT's with the lights wired as Option 1



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