How To:- Headlight Modification Pt 2

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Many thanks to Jimi for the following article

Headlight Modification Part 2

Part 1 details a modification that allows you to have the sidelights on without the headlights being raised. However if you flash your lights or switch from headlights back to sidelights the headlights will remain in the raised position. This modification deals with that and allows the headlights to retract and performing one of the above actions. The only down side is that in the lock position the headlights will not stay up, however putting the switch to the on position will allow the lock function to work normally. The mod involves disconnecting the red wire that goes to pin 6 on the retractor control relay. I did this by fitting a miniature toggle switch to the relay (allows you to enable the lock function)

1. Locate and remove the retractor control relay (sits next to the windscreen wiper motor)
2. Open the relay and locate pin 6 (circled below)


3. Cut the connection and bend 1 leg far enough to allow you to solder the wires on the 2 legs. Solder the other end of the 2 wires onto your switch and insulate the switch connections.


4. Drill a hole in the case on the left hand side at the top and install the switch. Re-assemble the relay


5. Fit the relay back in your car and your good to go!!


Please note: All modifications are carried out at your own risk. They have all been tested by me and work fine on MY 1988 T-bar

Jimi Lawson

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