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How To:- Headlight Modification Pt 1

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Many thanks to Murf_mk1 and Jimi for the following article

Headlight Modification Part 1

This modification will allow you have your sidelights on with headlights down. Once you switch to the headlight position the lights will rise. When you go back to side position they will stay up until switch is put to off position. You can also get the sleepy eye look once you have done this mod.

I'm investigating getting them to drop back down when switching back to sidelights from headlights or flashing with the sidelights on.

New 27/01/05 see Headlight Mod 2 for details of another mod to get your headlights to retract after flashing on sidelight position and when switching from Headlights to side lights.

Just have this awkward thing that I don't like doing mods that aren't "tidy" or easily reversible, plus I like toggle and rocker switches! (Saddo alert!)

1. Locate the Dim/Dip relay ( under the bonnet next to the fuse box, its bright green, on some change over cars it's grey)
2. Take the pcb card out of the box and cut a hole in the outer case for the switch to fit into, I used this switch cos I had it lying around, if I was going to buy one I would have got a minature toggle switch (much smaller)
3. Solder two wires onto the switch terminals and insulate the bottom of the switch and terminals with tape.
4. Locate the correct pin on the connector and snip the connection between the connector and the PCB at the right angle bend where it goes down to the PCB. Leave one part sticking straight out and bend the other part back so they don't touch.
Solder the wires from the switch onto these two connectors, after feeding the wires through the hole for the switch.



5. Put the PCB back into the case, fit the switch and put the case back together, easy!





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