How To:- Add Auto Up for the Drivers Window

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Drivers Window Auto Up Mod

One of the things that has always annoyed me about the electric windows is that although there is a Auto Down facility for the drivers window there is no Auto Up facility. It was one of the things I intended to investigate, however I was beaten to it by Jeff Lange of the forum who has figured it out.
Many thanks to Jeff Lange for kindly allowing me to reproduce his article.
Its not a difficult mod to do, if you can use a soldering iron ! you will need 3 x 1 amp diodes for this mod.( 1N4002S Maplin stock# QL74R )
It turns out that UK spec cars are much easier to modify than the US ones, as ours ( I've done a MK1a & Mk1b and both are the same ) already have the extra wiring. All that is needed is to modify the switch and the relay.
The relay is mounted in the drivers door at the bottom left corner and you will need to remove it to carry out the mod, while your at it remove the switch as well.

Switch Mod

The switch for the drivers window looks like this


What you need to do is remove the triangular shaped portion at the bottom left of the switch that is circled. This can be done using a craft knife or a junior hacksaw, the plastic is thin and easily removed. Leaving the switch looking like this



Relay Mod

Unclip the bottom of the relay and slide out the pcb, it will look like the pics below.
You need to remove the wire link ( circled ) and replace it with a diode. You will see 4 empty holes ( circled ) at the bottom of the pic, you need to fit the other 2 diodes in these holes.


and underneath like this


Make sure that the polarity of the diodes is the same as the existing one( ie the bar is at the same end ) Your pcb should end up looking like this




Replace the relay in its case, then refit the relay and switch in the car.
Jobs done ! you now have Auto up and Auto down for the drivers window.


All modifications are carried out at your own risk.

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