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How To:- Auto Up-Down for the Passengers Window from the Drivers Side Controls

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Here's the latest Jimi™ modification for the MK1

Auto Up-Down for the Passengers Window from the Drivers Side Controls

Most of you will have seen the Auto Up mod for the drivers window which is fairly straight forward. However due to the odd way Mr T did the wiring to the passengers window (no relay, the switches carry the full motor load) the passengers side is a bit more awkward. I figured out how to do this a couple of years ago, but it meant putting in a separate switch, and couldn't find a suitable switch that looked right and could be fitted on the door controls.

I like my mods to be unobtrusive and subtle so you don't know they are there. So I never took it any further at the time, just put it on the back burner. A couple of months ago while out for a run in the car an idea popped into my head. I'm usually in the car myself with the T-bars off and the windows down, I very rarely have the passengers window in a intermediate position, it's either up or down.

Could I use the existing passengers switch on the drivers side to give me the auto up/down function on the passengers window and have the normal function from the passenger side door switch ? a look at the diagrams showed that it looked quite possible. Had a go at it the other day and it works fine.

This is how the switches operate now:-

  • Press and release ( you no longer have to hold it ) the passengers window switch on the drivers door, passengers window goes fully up or down depending on the direction you choose.
  • If you wish to stop it at any point just press the switch again in the opposite direction to the window travel, i.e. if the window is going up, press down and vice-versa.
  • The passengers door switch operates the window as normal.

There are only 2 little downsides to this mod


  • From the drivers side you don't have as precise control over the passengers window intermediate positioning as the standard setup.
  • .
  • The window lock button on the drivers side controls (which only locks the passengers window) no longer works.

..... no loss on either point as far as I'm concerned.



Upsides are

  • You get one touch control of the passengers window from the drivers side.
  • Using the relay takes the motor load off the existing switches, so they will last a lot longer.
  • It's unobtrusive and subtle, you can't tell from looking anything has been changed.

You will need:-

  • Another power window relay (gray relay from drivers side door) modified with the extra diodes for auto up mod.
  • The plug for the relay with as much cable attached as you can get. This is optional, it quite possible to wire it up without the plug using suitable cable and crimp connectors or soldering.
  • Another plug + cable for the passengers door window switch. This is optional, it quite possible to wire it up without the plug using suitable cable and crimp connectors or soldering.



  • If you make the connections to the existing switch plug using flat pin crimps then the mod can easily be reversed.
  • If you don't have the plugs then the connections to the relay and switch can be made with small spade crimps, again makes the mod easily reversible.
  • I used one of the brackets from the power window relay to mount the new relay in the door using the bottom securing bolt for the door lock relay (green) which is already mounted on the door. Make sure the new wiring and relay is clear of the window when it's fully down.
  • In the picture Power Windows_0002cs.jpg plug B is the relay, plug D is the switch, pin-outs are shown looking at the front of the plug (NOT from the cable side)
  • Picture Power Windows_0001as.jpg shows the standard wiring.

Wire colour codes are:-


  • L = blue
  • G - green
  • R = red
  • L-R = blue/red
  • W-B = white/black (this is earth or ground)
  • G-Y = green/yellow
  • G-O = green/orange
  • G-R = green/red
  • G-W = green/white


How to do it.


  • Remove the passengers door card
  • Wire up the relay to the existing switch plug as shown in Red on Power Windows_0001bs.jpg
  • Wire up the new switch plug as shown in Yellow on Power Windows_0001bs.jpg
  • Refit the door card
  • Play with it to your hearts content ........... job done.


  • Power Windows_0001as.jpg



  • Power Windows_0001bs.jpg



  • Power Windows_0002cs.jpg


Enjoy !


NOTE This info is correct for UK spec MK1's, it should be accurate for any other MK1 but I can't guarantee it.

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