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How To:- Instal a Light Reminder Buzzer on a MK1a

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Unlike the MK1b the MK1a doesn't have a Light Reminder relay. this is an easy way to install one on your MK1a.

You will need:-

A 12v buzzer similar to this one from Maplin (Order Code: KU60Q) for £3.49.



1 Red Male Blade Crimp like this

and 1 Red Flat Pin Crimp like this

To install it, refer to this picture of a 1b drivers footwell fuse box, the 1a is the same apart from the 2 red/white wires circled, the 1a only has the bottom one


1. Crimp the male blade connector to the +ve lead of the buzzer ( usually a red wire) and plug it into the fuseholder contact, same as in my picture. If you bend the crimp a bit, the cable can be fed out the side and the fusebox cover refitted (it may even clear the cover without bending it).

2. Crimp the Flat pin connector to the -ve lead of the buzzer ( usually a black wire) and push that down the side of the red/white wire on the blue plug ( where I have a piece of wire in the picture).
3. Position the buzzer where you want it, (the one I pictured should be small enough to fit behind the trim panel below the fusebox) and that's it done.

You now have a light reminder buzzer same as the 1b.
If you open either door with the lights (sides and or main) on, the buzzer will sound until you either switch the lights off or close the door.
Enjoy !


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