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How To:- Bleed the Clutch / Adjust the Pedal

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Bleeding the clutch is relatively easy, you'll need :-

A piece of clear vinyl tube about 2 feet long ( that's a tight fit on the bleed nipple)and a container ( jar or cup or similar ).

Ring spanner to fit the bleed nipple.

Fluid to keep the master cylinder reservoir topped up ( it's important to make sure the level doesn't get too low or you will draw air into the system)

A willing assistant


1. Find the bleed nipple, it's located at the back of the engine / gearbox about the middle just below the clutch slave cylinder.

2. Make sure you can turn the bleed nipple (ie it's not seized)

3. Put the spanner on the nipple then fit the tube to the nipple.

4. Put the other end of the tube into the container and put enough fluid in to cover the end of the tube.

5. Slacken the nipple and get your assistant to push the clutch pedal down slowly, keeping it down when he ( or she ) gets to the bottom.

6. When the pedal fully down, tighten the nipple, then release the pedal.

7. Slacken bleed nipple again and repeat steps 5 and 6.

You should see fluid and bubbles coming down the tube. When there are no more bubbles and you can see new fluid coming down the tube , the system is bled.

REMEMBER to keep topping up the level in the master cylinder reservoir.

Adjusting the Clutch Pedal

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