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How To:- Stiffen / Repair the Engine Mounts

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If your engine tends to rock back and forward a lot under acceleration/ de-acceleration it is usually caused by  tired front and rear engine mounts. This can also be cause of the gearstick "nodding" and can even cause the car to jump out of gear.
New mounts are pretty expensive from Mr T so  I experimented with this solution  back in 2007
I had bought a large tube of this


in Black for doing my T-bar seals. I had loads left so decided to experiment on a spare front engine mount I had.
 Did this

filled mount

and left it for a couple of days to cure, then fitted it to my car.

 It certainly stiffened up the mount to the extent that I could feel vibration where there was none before, especially at idle. It does take all the rock out of the engine when you accelerate hard.
I went back to a standard mount on the front and repeated the experiment with the rear mount which takes the rock/snatch out of the engine but doesn't cause any annoying vibration.
The hardness of the sealant varies depending on manufacturer, silicone sealant ranges from about 22 to 60 shore, which a fair bit less the the poly mounts IIRC
 The beauty of using silicone sealant is that you can fill a bit a time until you get the stiffness you want and it's cheap.


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