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How To:- Adjust the Handbrake/Replace Pads

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This technique and information is courtesy of Paul Woods, based on his years of experience and expertise in, repairing and rebuilding MR2 MK1's

Remove both handbrake cables from both calipers, by removing the cotter pins and split pins.

Wind in piston clockwise ALL THE WAY in, then out 180 degrees and line up the notch on the piston with where the pad will be. If it comes out too far and you can't get the caliper back on over the pads, wind the piston back in further than it was before, so that when you wind it out it will line up.

Note: If you wind it in again even by a smidge you will have reset the handbrake mechanism again and the whole proceedure will need repeating, the last action you should perform on the piston is winding it out.
You need to wind in the calipers and then OUT 180 DEGREES to reset the racket on the auto-adjuster... you will notice how they wind in and out at DIFFERENT speeds, this is you observing the TWO mechanisms that come into play.
Do same on other side.

Before fitting the calipers to the car make sure you lubricate the metal slider on the bottom bolt of the caliper, with the caliper off look inside the bottom rubber dust cover and you will see a metal sleeve, push this out, clean it up and lubricate the inside of the rubber before refitting the sleeve.

Fit calipers to car and immediately pump the footbrake 3 or 4 times with cables still off...
Slacken handbrake adjustment (remove centre plastic tray under car) right off.
Reconnect 2 cables to 2 rear callipers using the cotter pins and split pins.
Adjust the handbrake on middle adjuster so it bites on 1/2 clicks and locks by 4/5.

20th June 06

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