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Info:- MK1 Alloy Wheel Data

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Standard Toyota Fitment

Size: MK1a 14 x 5J front and rear (triangles)

Size: MK1b 14 x 6J front and rear (teardrops)

Tyres: 185 x 60 x 14 Front & Rear

PCD: 4 x 100mm
4 Studs per wheel

Pitch Circle Diameter: The diameter of the circle the bolt holes are spaced round.

Offset: 35 ->38mm
Offset is the distance between the centreline of the rim and an imaginary line where the rim comes in contact with the cars hub. It is also known as ET. 35->38 is normal, up to 45 will fit with no problems, larger may be possible.

Centre Bore: 54.1mm
Centre  Bore is the size of the lip on the cars hub. The wheels are "hubcentric"  It is essential that the wheel sits snugly on the hub as this lip balances the wheel centrally. This means the wheel nuts do not centre the wheels. If the bore is not correct, wheel vibration will be felt. If the centre bore is too big, spacer(spigot) rings need to be fitted to centre the wheel properly

Wheel Nut Thread: 12 x 1.5mm
The wheel nuts are parallel, flat faced with a floating flat washer NOT the taper faced type.

Wheel Nut Torque: 76ft/lbs (103 n/m)

Tyre Pressures:
With front trunk load of less the 22 Lbs and rear trunk load of less than 44 lbs
Front 26psi
Rear 28 psi

High speed (over 100 MPH)
Front 28psi
Rear 31psi

With front trunk load of greater than 22 lbs and rear trunk load of greater than 44 lbs
Front 34psi
Rear 37psi

Using MK3 Wheels on a MK1
Early Mk3 15" (about 2003/4, they changed to 16" on the back) wheels are a direct bolt-on alternative.

MK3 Standard Toyota Fitment

Tyres: 185 x 55 x 15 Front. 205 x 50 x 15 Rear
Size: 15 x 6J front 15 x 6.5J rear
PCD: 4 x 100mm
Offset: 45mm
Centre Bore: 54.1mm
Wheel Nut Thread: 12 x 1.5mm
Wheel Nut Torque: 76ft/lbs (103 n/m)

The standard MK3 rear tyre size(205 x 50) has a larger rolling radius than the standard Mk1 combination, so your speedo will read low (speedo reading = 70mph, actual speed = 71.02) Using 195 x 50 tyres will correct this (speedo reading = 70mph actual speed = 69.8mph).

The general consensus of opinion is that 195 x 50 tyres all round are the best combination with MK3 wheels on a MK1.

 The Mk3 rear wheels have a location pin on the inside of the wheel (to stop you fitting the rears on the front) These need to be removed before fitting to a MK1, they just unscrew.

Your also better using the MK3 wheel nuts as the standard MK1 nuts are a bit long and protrude a bit from the wheel.

 For more information about wheels and tyres check out this site
It also has  very good wheel/tyre calculators for working out correct combinations of wheels and tyres.


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