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How To:- Change a Main Fuse

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Hi All, Just carried out this job and couldn't find any guides on this so decided to make one. Anyway, after buying my car, checked the trunk fusebox and someone obviously had previous issues and decided to make their own fuse!


So I popped down Mr.T and got a proper OEM spec one, for £12! What a rip... Anyway, the parts guy kindly gave me some information that these things aren't pull out and pop in efforts. There is some screwing needed.

First off, disconnect the battery as there are serious issues of shorting to the fuse holder plates.


The fusebox is sandwiched between two plates, but the fusebox needs to be lifted up and away from the car so the high amp fuse can be changed.


First, this M6 bolt needs to come out which holds the left plate to the front bulkhead. After taking this out, bend the plate away from the fusebox and gently get the fusebox out of the locating spigots on both plates, and lift up away from the plates. The part of the fusebox that houses the high amp fuse holder comes away from the fusebox, this needs to be clipped away and pushes down and through the fusebox.


Push this clip away from the high amp fuse whilst pushing down on the high amp fuse holder, its guided by slots and you need to push this quite far to get it completely away.


You should have got to this point. Now the middle fuse that I needed to change is held in by a M6 bolt on one side, and a M5 bolt on the other.


Be careful with this side, when you take the bolt out, the attached cable will try to pull away and disappear into the loom.


I had to remove the remains of the high amp fuse on mine, and these tend to fall down inside the fuse carrier when the bolts are removed so be wary of that.


The remains of old high amp fuse and the new £12 fuseable link, ready to be fitted. Now you're ready to refit everything. When I was dismantling mine, I noticed that the plastic guides were not in the slots, so watch this. See below for the guides for the slots either side, below.



Everything should fly back together, refit the M6 bolt in the front bulkhead, reconnect the battery and test the circuit.



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