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How To:- Convert the Foglights to HID

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I fitted 3000k Fog HID Kit today, an easy but time consuming job, I've only one bulb working since I got the car so I decided to get an ebay kit when I was changing them. I heard it can be tricky getting the fogs out due to the screws going bad.

The Kit (Ultra Small Ballasts):



You are guaranteed to need the screw extractors on the MR2 fogs..if your screws come out without hassle, wget to your nearest newsagent and do the lotto! Along with the screw extractors you'll need a long drill bit as the chuck will hit off the bumper



Drill the Screw - whack the extractor into a ratchet piece and tighten until it shifts - (try use a bigger ratchet piece and a nail to hold the screw extractor - I'd an awful time getting the extractor free from the piece).

Mine shifted ok - I'd the 4 out in about half an hour




Check the polarity with a multimeter - looking at other write ups the wires were placed differently - its a 2 second job to check


Drill the plastic cover with a hole saw - don't be tempted to drill it on the ground like I did! :) ...you'll end up wrecking the clips...mine was ok thank god. Once drilled insert the HIDs grommet into the plastic piece.



Mounting the ballasts probably took the longest out of everything as I had to raise the car, put down chocks, axle stands, etc. Once jacked up..cable tie the ballast to the loom of the Heahdlights and the fog light loom.


After all that theres no point in putting in the OEM screws for the same thing to happen again. I stuck in some stainless steel hex screws..(same as the twosrus kit)


End Results










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