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How To:- Quad tail-light mod for the rev3+

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A problem with the rev3+ tail-lights on the MK2 MR2 is that the stock inner 2 lights only function as fog lights. If, like me, you never drive your MR2 in the fog, then these lights are never on! More importantly, the tail end of MR2 would look much better (especially at night) if the inner 2 lights did exactly the same thing as the outer 2 i.e. they worked as driving and brake lights. However, legally the car is also required to have fog lights, and the best solution, in my humble opinion is to wire the lights so that the inner 2 lights work as driving/brake lights, unless the fog light switch is thrown, in which case they should stay on permanently as fog lights.

Below is a description of how I did it.

P600 diodes (x4), £2 from Maplins
Brake light bulbs (x2), £2.50 from Halfords
Brake light bulb holder (x2), £36 from Toyota, or much cheaper from a scrappie


To get the bulb holder you will need to buy the entire rear light wiring harness (x2) from Toyota, which will cost about £36 for both. Not too expensive, but I bought them second hand from ebay and it cost me £12.30 including delivery. The photo below shows the bit of the wiring harness that you actually need:


First, remove the rear light clusters. There are instructions for how to do this in the owners manual, and also on this site!
Below are diagrams of what the before and after wiring should look like.


E: Earth (white with black)
B: Brake live (Green with white stripe)
D: Driving live (Green)
F: Fog live (Green with orange stripe)
Arrow: Diode
Filled little circles: Connection between 2 wires

A few general points:
1) Diode 1 is required to prevent the fog switch indicator bulb on the dash coming on every time you press the brake pedal.
2) Diode 2 is required to prevent both bulbs acting as fog lights when you throw the fog switch.
3) The wire colours given in the key above may not apply to your model (they are for my UK spec 2000 MK2 NA).
4) There are lots of variations on doing this mod, but this method, in my humble opinion, is best.
The tail lights will be symmetrical, but you will retain this use of your fog lights which, according to my search of the MOT regulations, makes the mod legal.

Happy modding, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


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