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How To:- Refresh Door Glass Weatherstrips

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I see many Mk2s which are very well prepared but spoiled by poor condition weatherstrips on the doors. They ruin the look of the car. Mine was no exception, and to buy from MrT is over £75 each ! Not really an option.

Bought a couple of poor condition ones from the breakers' yard to experiment on and tried spraying them satin and gloss black but this did not look at all right.
Also tried spraying them with matt and gloss clear lacquer, and although an improvement on the black spray, looked too noticeable in comparison with the black trim adjacent around the rear side window.
Finally, I decided to rub them down with 1200 wet and dry paper, used wet, and gradually returned them to a nice smooth finish. It took me about one hour each to complete this.
I protected the soft window guides and furflex so as not to get them wet but still put them in the airing cupboard for a few hours to really dry them out. (I know they get wet in the car but did not want to refit them like that).
I then applied some Turtle Wax Tyre Gel (Possibly no longer available, but use something similar and NOT a spray) and left them for about 20 minutes before giving them a very light polish up with the result that to me they looked just about right.

I know they will need re-treating every few weeks to maintain the look but it's much better than forking out £150 !

A word of advice.
Take care not to drop the little clip at the rear edge of the strip when you remove it from the door - I could not retrieve mine but luckily had a spare - And take care not to break the white plastic clips when you remove and replace it all.
For me a great improvement at virtually no cost.


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