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How To:- Remove the Nose Cone

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How to remove the front nose cone:

Remove the wheel arch covers.

Remove the plastic tray type thing from under the front bonnet/boot (the one between the pop-up lights)

Remove the two sections of the undertray underneath the nose cone.

Undo all the bolts connecting the nose cone to it's mountings.

There are three on either side, that you have to go through the wheels arch to get to, so it would probably be best if you take the wheels off aswell... you will also need some long extension bars to get to these bolts.

Just a little tip, spray the bolts with WD40, or similar product, and leave for a few minutes, as the bolts will more than likely be seized . This may help to loosen them slightly...

There are lots of bolts that hold the front nose cone on, it's basically keep undoing the bolts you think need undoing to take the nose off, you should see which one's need taking off when you start...

Hope this helps, and good luck...

Also follow this link CLICKY for a pictorial How To.


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