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How To:- Remove the Rear bumper

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Removing Rear Bumper


  • Cross-head screwdriver.
  • Flat knife or similar.
  • 10mm spanner.

You can make this job a little easier for yourself if you have the rear raised – ramps would be ideal (I reversed up my makeshift ramps made from floorboards).

First, remove the boot carpet.  This is held in with around 9 plastic fasteners.  To release them press the centre part of the fastener with a small screwdriver or similar, then pull out the whole plug.
Unplug the connector behind the boot light.
Also, remove the long plastic trim nearest the rear (highlighted in purple in the pic).  This is held with 4 poppers so can just be pulled up (careful not to bend it too much).


With the carpet removed.


Good time to check for rust/damage/snakes etc.


Now disconnect both of the rear light clusters.


Disconnect the licence plate lights and the reverse lights.


Using a thin knife, remove the triangular piece of the rear lights.


Now you will see 2 screws, remove these.


With the rear boot lid open, remove the final screw shown.  Lights can now be pulled from the car – remember to push through the grommet & wiring from inside the car.


Remove the 2 screws for the centre panel, it can now be pulled out & up from the car as there are only 2 clips holding it in place now, don’t forget to push the reverse light grommet & wire through.


Centre panel removed.


Now to remove the side strips.  There’s a screw here at the top of the wheel arch.

And a nut inside the wheel arch.  Plenty of penetrating fluid on this.  Don’t be too surprised if the thread snaps.


Two more 10mm nuts on the inside of the boot.


And repeat for the other side.  The 2 nuts on the inside of the boot are a little more difficult to get to due to the aerial motor, but it’s still possible to get to.


Now for the most difficult bit, 12 plastic screws (8 on top, 4 underneath).



Unscrewing these seem to have no effect unless you ‘help’ them out.
Try prising them upwards while unscrewing.


Or, reaching underneath to push them up (don’t push the whole plug, just the threaded part).


The metal strip can now be removed.


Another 2 screws, one at each side.


Underneath, 3 plastic fasteners each side.  2 need to be removed, the other is just disconnected from the bumper.


Like thus.


Last screw, in the wheel arch.  This is quite tricky to get to, you will need a very short screwdriver, or you will need to remove the wheels.  Or what I did, I removed the detachable screwbit from my screwdriver and placed it within a rachet + socket (or a spanner will do).


Be careful removing the bumper.  I recommend you ease the plastic tabs loose that held the underside of the bumper to the car as you don’t want these to break.  And when lifting the bumper – ideally 2 people, 1 at each side.  But if you have to lift if yourself, stretch your arms and carry it from the corners – holding it from nearer the middle and you’ll realise how wobbly it is and may damage it.


With the bumper removed.


If you wish to remove the big sturdy (plastic!!) bar, then this is held in by 4 bolts inside the boot (covered up by foam material and rubber grommets).




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