How To:- Replace Headlamp Bulbs

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Tools required
Cross head screwdriver

Materials required
Headlamp bulb part number 472 (H4 55/60w)

1- Start by turning the headlamp control switch 1 position and then use the main beam flasher. The lights will rise but will not retract.

2- Open the front compartment and locate the fuse box. Remove the 30amp RTR fuse (see image). This will disable the headlamp motors for safety reasons

3- The black shroud around the headlamp has 4 screws that require removal. The screws have a tether attached to them so they can?t fall into the headlamp storage area. Be careful in case the tethers have been broken. The shroud can be removed by pivoting it downwards.

4- The headlamp glass is held by a chrome trim with 4 screws. The screws are similar to the shroud ones, in that they have a device to stop them falling into the headlamp storage area. The whole trim can now be removed.

5- Carefully pull the headlamp glass forward and when you have enough room, reach behind and unplug the bulb connector. This may be tight fitting, so gently rock the connector back and forth to free it. Never pull the plug off by the wires. Always grasp the plug only.

6- With the headlamp removed you can remove the rubber water seal. The bulb is held in place by a wire spring. Detach this and withdraw the bulb.

7- Install the new bulb. Take care not to touch the glass section of the bulb. The bulb has 3 locating pins to prevent incorrect insertion of the bulb.

8- Replace the rubber cover ensuring the drainage pipe points downwards.

9- Refit the bulb connector, chrome surround, shroud and 30 amp RTR fuse.

Peter Jones

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