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How To:- Replace the Front Boot Release Cable

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If your Frunk release cable is stiff there’s a good chance it needs replacing. When I got my 2 you had to give the release latch a good pull for the bonnet to unlatch, over time it got worse and worse. When I bought the car I actually bought a cable not long after but didn’t fancy changing it when I saw where the cable disappeared.
To cut a long story short I decided to get my butt into gear and change it as it was getting worse and worse, I didn’t fancy the cable snapping on me. When I finally did it I found that it was a piece of cake to do and took about 30 mins.

  • Firstly jack up the front of the car and remove the driver’s side front wheel. Now remove the plastic arch tray, this is the hardest bit as you need to take out the bolts without snapping them, a common problem with my car.
  • It might be worth spraying some WD40 before you start and leave it soak for a while. Once that is off you will see the cable run into the driver’s foot well.
  • Next step is to pop the bonnet, now undo the 2 bolts that hold the bonnet release mechanism and undo the cable.
  • In the car undo the bolt that holds the plastic sill tray in, this is under the accelerator peddle, pop the plastic sill up and pull it out.
  • Unscrew the 2 screws holding the bonnet release handle in, undo the cable.
  • Under the arch pull the cable out at both ends and do the reverse to fit the cable.
  • A warning here, when putting the cable back into the front of the car push it in slightly and pull the cable through from inside the car, basically where it comes out there are a lot of wires etc.
  • Also make sure that the grommet fits properly into the hole so that water does not get in, I used a silicone gun to ensure it was water tight.
  • Once its put back together you might have to adjust the bonnet release mechanism so that the bonnet close’s properly, if you slacken the 2 bolts you can move the mechanism up and down.

Another thing you might want to do while the plastic under arch is off is to get some waxoyl and apply it to the top of the arch area near the wing, I’ve found this can be susceptible to rust over time. I used a steel brush to get any rust off before I waxoyled it.


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