How To:- Sleepy Eye Conversion

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Right ladies and gentlemen, as promised by me after being ripped off £25.00 for a bit of cable and a switch, I've sworn that I'd ruin the beggers scam and make the kit available to fellow MR2 enthusiasts free of charge.

Here goes... read the text and look at the piccys, it'll makes sense.

Toyota MR2 Sleepy Eye
This kit should include the following:
1x 3 way toggle switch (on/off/flash).
Electrical cable.
Spade connectors.
Insulation tape.

As basic as the kit may seem, this is all you need to complete this easy modification and to do so safely.

Step 1
Inside the cabin, select a place you wish to mount the switch. Normally I place them on the floor driver's side, mounted in the plastic cover for the boot release.

Step 2
On the bulkhead, behind the driver's pedals, you'll will find a rubber grommet. You will need to thread the wires through into the boot (front off the MR2) leaving the switch in the cabin.

Step 3
Remove the plastic boot liner and run the cables in a safe route away from any possible damage from the space saver, tyre, etc? The ends of the cable need to be run to the fuse box.

Step 4
Open the fuse box, you have a fuse marked RTR. To ensure that you have removed the correct fuse, turn your head lights ON, you should find that they light up but do not pop up or close down.

The fuse removed will now be kept for later, and the 2 male ends of the cable come into play.

Step 5
Find the live side of the fuse box (this is best done with a tester, connect one end of the tester to the car's body and test each output from the fuse with the other end of the tester, once it hits the live side it will illuminate). Insert the male connector with the inline fuse into the live side and the remaining male connector into the other side.

Now insert the fuse into the 2 female connector .(you should at this point insulate the bear fuse with tape) your lights should now operate as normal.

The switch is a 3-way toggle switch, if you try it, it will lock in the up and not in the downward.
For your lights to work as normal, the switch needs to be in the upwards position, to active sleepy eye, place the switch to the middle, turn your lights on, you should find nothing happens, now apply pressure to the downward toggle until lights raise to preferred height and release .



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