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Info:- The Test Drive.

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Questions to ask whilst on a test drive..

Around town

Does the engine accelerate smoothly without hesitation?

How high does the pedal rise before the clutch bites? A high pedal could mean the clutch will require replacement within the year.

Are there any unusual engine noises? The engine will sound louder that other cars you've driven because its only 24" away from your head!

Are there clunking noises from the suspension? This is normally the drop links and wear is very common. This is more irritating than a danger.

Does the water temperature gauge stay at the 'half way' mark?

At speed

Is there excessive wheel vibration at speed?

Does the car feel stable at speed?

Do the brakes 'bite' well and without vibration?

After the test drive

Feel the temperature of each wheel don't touch the disc itself. A wheel with a higher temperature may have a lazy caliper (a common problem)


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