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Info:- TRD2000GT Sales Brochure

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Thought you may like to see a copy of the original Sales Brochures produced for the TRD2000GT  (I've had it partially translated)


Concept of TRD2000GT
Its origin is the racing form to compete in the JGTC. Mid-ship-layout, 2 seater, MR2.
This car is a natural born racing car, sport vehicle. It continues to be successful in the JGTC's GT300  class.
The aero power device is the most important in the strategy because GT300 is not about high power but the "total package" of the vehicle.

TRD has developed more functional aero device based on the valuable experiences. MR2 was built to win race with the sophisticated look  it proves the high quality of its performance at each race.
Now here is the debut appaearnce of the racing aero vehicle called a "TRD2000GT"
Long-awaited racing form car has come to the street from the racing circuit"


What is JGTC?
JGTC stands for Japan Grand Touring Car Championship.  There are 2 classes categorised by the machine power, GT500 (500ps) and GT300
(300ps).  They are very competitive races.  The top few winners will have weight handicaps in the next races so that the races will stay
heated and interesting.

Among them, 98's GT300 class will be a very tough race with MR2 with TRD2000GT form and Porche and BMW.  MR2 has performed excellently and been successful in each race despite the competitive nature of the race.

The racing circuit created the wide and low form to chnge the MR2 look agressively.
Elegent style to maximise the aerodynamics.
Wide tyres to improve the handling, added wide and glamerous over-fender.
Adjustable rear wing gives effective downforceand improves rear traction and also transfers the power of the engine to the road surface.

TRD2000GT  has all the racing car specifications.
Truly aggressive change to the mid-ship-sports.
Outside Parts   Measurements of vehicle




After Service Care

-All the TRD 2000GTs which were reconstructed / remodeled (?) at the TRD appointed / registered factories will be fitted with the special registration number plates. (as seen on the photo)

-The After Service Care is carried out at Toyota Technocraft Maintenance Factory.




And the options list brochure...

price list

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