Info:- What does Rev* mean ? & Identifying the different models

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Members often type things like 'my rev2'. Rev is short for revision. All manufactures tend to update models during their life cycle to improve performance, reliability and to keep the cosmetics up to date.

The MK2 has had an amazing 10 years of production, so has benefited from 5 model revisions (or updates). The following, although not an exhaustive list of changes, will help identification of the various changes over the years

Revision 1 (12/1989 to 11/1991)

The original MK2. Loved by those who demanded a challenging, yet rewarding ride at the edge. The handling was developed with support from an ex Formula 1 racing driver. Earned a reputation as 'dangerous' in the motoring press because of it's ability to bite hard those who lack experience in mid engined handling characteristics. Most noticeable if it still has its original 14" alloy wheels.
Chassis numbers 0000001-0059265

Follow this link for more info on revision 1.

Revision 2 (12/1991 to 11/1993)

Revision 2 saw a large number of changes. To make the handling more manageable, the suspension was heavily revised. Different geometry tamed the handling as well as thicker anti-roll bars and trailing arms. Tyre size was increased in width (195 front / 225 rear) and the wheel diameter increased to 15" to accommodate the larger front and rear brake discs, to reduce brake fade under heavy usage. A deeper front skirt was fitted to the nose cone and the gear change lever was shortened in length and throw.
Chassis numbers 0059266-0087385

Follow this link for more info on revision 2.

Revision 3 (11/1993 to 06/1996)

Revision 3 saw many cosmetic changes. Although additional braces were placed on the rear suspension towers to reduce the risk of stress induced damage, the most notable mechanical changes were a range of updated engines with higher power outputs, that are also better suited to tuning. The revision 3 gained a substantial change on the outside. New rounded style rear lamps, with relocated reverse lamps and the departure of the 'honeycombe' rear panel. The rear spoiler changed to a 1 piece design that stands higher on the bootlid and the front skirt, side sills and rear bumper extensions all became colour coded.
Chassis numbers 0087386-0106662

Follow this link for more info on revision 3.

Revision 4 (06/1996 to 12/1997)

Revision 4 introduced minor changes. New 'diamond cut' alloys gave a more prestige appearance to the car. And modern clear front indicator/sidelight units were fitted. Japanese models finally lost the odd side markers in the front bumper in favour of European wing mounted side repeaters.
Chassis numbers 0106663-0110900 (est)

Follow this link for more info on revision 4.

Revision 5 (12/1997 to 08/1999

Revision 5 saw the last updates before the end of SW20 (MK2) production in Japan. New, thin spoke alloys wheels and a large 'combat' style rear spoiler with adjustable wing make the revision 5 very distinctive. Speed flaps were added to the front bumper to help reduce wheel vibration at high speed. On the inside Red detailing was added to the instrument cluster as well a red stitching on the gear knob.

Follow this link for more info on revision 5.


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