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How To:- Adjust the Clutch Pedal

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Finally found some time to get around to adjusting my low clutch problem.

Was having problems getting the car into gear (especially in the low gears when down shifting or up shifting quickly). Posted a question up on here and the fix was very simple. Thanks to Steve (Spaceman) for the link to another forum on how to fix it. Much appreciated mate! Very Happy

First things first, check your clutch fluid, make sure it's not low! Lol. That's a whole different thing.

Okay in order to do this you need to get to the clutch pedal up under the drivers dashboard (not as easy as it may sound!). Best way I found was to sit on the floor by the side of your car, lean back holding onto the steering wheel and slide yourself on your back under the dash. You should find something that looks like this.

Once you've found this you'll need to pay close attention to this


First loosen nut marked 'D'.

Then remove Pin marked 'B'

Push the small pivot bolt 'C' out of the pedal and remove it completely so that the barrel hangs loose. At this point you should be able to unscrew the barrel itself 'E' so that it makes the rod going into it longer.

If you find that you cannot rotate the barrel as it is still locked in by the main pedal (as I found), you will need to look for the following bolt.

Unscrew this bolt 'A' from the back (taking note of how far in it is) and it should release the pedal enough to release the arms attached to the barrel 'E'. Note you may have to remove the spring on the brake pedal to do this, but it is very straight forward once you see it.

Once you have unscrewed barrel 'E' a few millimeters, you can retighten nut 'D' to lock it in place and put everything back together. Remember to screw the bolt 'A' back into the same position and reassemble the whole lot, remembering to replace the brake spring if you removed it.

You will soon see that the whole clutch position can easily be changed with this procedure and with bolt 'A' until you have the desired position.

You then hopefully have a clutch like mine that's 100 times better with a biting point that's not right on the floor and gears that engage with no more problems. Hope this helps.


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