How To:- Fit Replacement Droplinks.

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Tools required

5mm allen key or bit, hammer, spanners 13mm 14mm (19mm if dropping front struts), Metric socket set, Flat blade screwdriver, Pliers, hacksaw, axle stands.

Materials required

Replacement drop links, Rubber gloves or a big bar of soap! Brake line clamp and brake bleed kit (if dropping front struts)

Optional extra

Electrical cutting tool. Eg Dremmel or angle grinder

Important safety information

Always ensure your car is supported safely on a pair of axle stands when working underneath your vehicle. Never rely on your jack alone.

Never operate cutting equipment without safety glasses.

1- Arm yourself with your rubber gloves. You'll save yourself a lot of soap later on!

2- Loosen the wheel nuts and jack up the vehicle. Support on axle stands and remove wheels. More information on jacking points can be found in "Related Articles"

3- Rear droplinks can be accessed from the wheel arch as the nut faces outwards. The front ones can only be reached by working underneath the car as the nut face inwards. The front upper nut will almost certainly require the shock unit to be removed, unless you have a cutting wheel that can fit into a very tight location!

4- Firstly try your luck at unbolting the rear droplinks !! Ideally using a 5mm hex bit that you can fit to your socket set ratchet. Place a 14mm ring spanner onto the nut, then hammer the hex bit into the allen head as hard as you can. Whilst stabilising the ball joint with your ratchet, attempt to loosen the nut. Within 30 seconds you'll be reaching for your cutting equipment! Typically the allen head will strip as is cant handle the torque required to undo the nut.

5- Cutting the nut in half with a hacksaw or Dremmel style tool or grinding the nut with an angle grinder will allow you to split the nut from its thread.

6- If you are removing the front shock units, proceed as follows:-

- Lift Bonnet and remove the 4 nuts securing the shock top mounts with a 14mm socket.

- Undo the 2 large 19mm bolts holding the shock unit to the stub axle.. this will require a leverage tool or breaker bar as the will be tight.

- Clamp the brake line and disconnect the brake hose from the calliper. Be careful not to lose the copper washers. Slide out the retainer clip that holds the brake hose inside its bracket. Pull the hose through the eye of the bracket. The shock unit can now be removed.

- When refitting the shock unit, you may need an assistant to apply levering force to the front suspension so that you can reinstall to 2 large bolts. Refit brake line and check all nuts/bolts are fully tightened. Bleed brake line.

7- I chose to fit the sbITs Custom Droplinks. These are unique as they have 2 places to apply spanner force... no more droplink removal problems for me. They can be purchased at a discounted price via our Club Shop. These look fantastic and are a fraction of the cost of OE Toyota droplinks.

Fitting the new links takes just a few minutes.

8- Double check that all fasteners are fully tightened before refitting the road wheels and lowering the vehicle.


Peter Jones

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