How To:- Power Steering Failure! Alternative Fix.

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Many thanks to James Sorley for this article

Quick fix for power steering fault on sw20 mr2..... no costly replacement and no clicking the ignition on and off!!

The SW20 MR2 has a common fault where the power steering turns itself on and off intermittently, this can be due to a build up of carbon/debris on the contacts or a faulty relay. A new relay from Toyota costs around £100!

There are two ways or curing this without resorting to a new relay:

1. Remove the spare wheel and plastic cover, you'll see the power steering ecu and a huge power wire going to a relay, then onto the PAS pump. Remove the power steering relay, cleaning the contacts, and then clean the contacts on the power steering ecu using a pin or thin metal scraper.... time consuming & annoying

2. Best thing to do is hardwire the relay permanently.
Unbolt the relay connection to the pump and bolt it down to the other relay connection bypassing the relay.
Don't worry.. it wont be permanently on, as there are other components that turn the unit on and off. I have heard of people who have been running their cars like this for a number of years with no problems whatsoever!!

James Sorley

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